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Avoid these buyers!

I’ve been using Fiverr for a while now and I just want to point out something. I’ve come across a few buyers in buyers requests that are purely just trying to trick you.

The problem that I am talking about is sellers trying to be buyers. I am not saying that sellers can be buyers too, I am talking about sellers doing market research. Every day, each seller can apply up to 10 buyers requests so it is important to use them wisely. Choosing which request you apply for can mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

So, what ‘sellers’ try to do is pretend to be a buyer looking to buy a service and put up a request to find out how much people would pay for the service they are selling. This helps them find out how much they should charge in their gig - a great tactic for improving their pricing system. When you fall for this trick, you are applying to a job that doesn’t exist. Meaning that you will have 0 chance of securing a gig.

Now, how do you tackle this problem:

  1. Find out if the buyer is credible
  2. Search up their name by copying the picture and pasting it in the Fiverr username search engine
  3. The biggest red light is if they are selling the service they are looking for

Hope these tips work. Good luck on Fiverr!


Yes, You are right thanks for sharing Useful Information with us.

Thanks for this useful information.

Good for you for picking up on this and thanks so much for the warning.

This happens to me occasionally. Asking me for samples so that they can copy what I send. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. :rofl: