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Avoid These Buyers

Well said! Absolutely agree!

Thanks for the information, It will definitely help

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Really helpful tips for every sellers

I really understand this problem, my client was a French student, He did know English a bit but not like what I can understand easily. I finally asked him to speak in French I can use translate, and it was much better.
Maybe a native English would understand but not me because it’s my second language, it doesn’t matter if I’m fluent or not there are sometimes that only a native can understand those are bad in their language.
Luckily we have google translate and it really translates French to English well but imagine you’re having a Korean or Arab customer, google translate lacks in some languages, I know that since I know Arabic and Hebrew a bit and when I see translations it’s really bad.
I think I’m lucky google translate works well, at least for now.

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helpful tips for sellers…

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thank you so much…great tips…always i follow those

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Thank you very for the details.

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many many thanks for your information. this post very helpful for me. :heart_eyes:

thanks for valuable information

great tip. i was so confused on how to send my portfolio without violating TOS. so used to send them images via fiverr messages. PDF never came to my mind. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much for your valuable information.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable topic

Very well explained! Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing this…

Thanks for the valuable details

Thanks for sharing.,.this is really useful and helpful for all

When in doubt, trust your gut instinct. I didn’t one time with a buyer and they were incredibly difficult to work with and, even though I got them the voice over they needed, they still were very tough to work with

Very helpful to identity fake buyer!

Fake buyer seems to be more annoying