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Avoid-Top 10 Conflict Reason Between Buyer & Seller

As i am working on fiverr during this age i’ve worked with number of buyer. Some buyer was awesome as well as they had complete knowledge about their requirement. But unfortunately some buyer couldn’t express their complete requirement at start. That is one of the main reason to project failure/conflict.


How We Can Resolve This Issue ??

Top 10 Conflict Reason Between Buyer & Seller are very critical matter some time it can cause to buyer loss as well as de-motivation of seller. So i am going to show you some advice that you must be keep in mind before making order.


1:- You should choose best seller related your task nature.

2:- Before making any order you should get feed back from seller about your project.

3:- If he/she ve any minor issue then you should give him some time to do some search.

4:- Make sure seller are serious with your work or not within time.

5:- The last reason and one of the top 10 reason review. if seller was good & honest then you should write some word for them. it’s not only for his/her motivation it’s also very necessary for other seller.

So Keep in touch with Fiverr and make it happy place for every one.

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and before all that; spend some time on your english / communication skills if your not a native speaker…

Great advice :slight_smile: