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Avoiding Buyer Review By Not Giving Them Review Back

I know It sounds ridiculous. But asked this question from curiosity. :slightly_smiling_face:
Can I avoid a Bad review from Buyer by not giving them Review?
I mean- " If I had a misunderstanding with a buyer. After the completion of the project, the buyer gave me a review. But I had a bad feeling about this that he could give me a bad review. So when Fiverr told me that If you want to see the Buyers review you need to give a review for Buyer. Then I did not give the review for the buyer."
Will the Buyer Review be shown in my profile eventually?

Yes it will be. If you read fiverr TOS itโ€™s clearly stated there that all reviews will be visible after 10 days if you donโ€™t reply on them.


Thnx :slightly_smiling_face: