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Avoiding cancellation ration while maintaining 5 Star rating - is this a good practice?


Hi, I’ve been selling on Fiverr for a while now, I earned my first 500$ and it was a blast.
But I really hate cancellations and cancellation ratio and I’ve been trying to avoid it at all costs.
I had 4 cancellations so far. Even my gig clearly states what is done buyers expect me to spend HOURS for 5$ fixing their problem and doing work above described (in most cases I actually do) and after they are still not happy, opening disputes and requiring cancellation.
I even had a buyer who canceled, not because there’s a problem with delivered work, but because he was late sending that work to his professor - LOL?!
Of course I accept these cancellations because I also want to avoid less than 5 star rating.
So this is what I’ve been doing lately…
When someone contacts me about that tricky specific gig "speed up my webiste"
I first request the data, do the work and if they are 100% happy then I tell them to order.
Obviously, I am not scared of being “screwed over” because I would most likely get a cancellation from that person but at least this way I can maintain my cancellation ratio low.
What do you think about this? Do not judge, i’m new here.


Doing this will make you a target to those people who just want free work, who will never admit being happy even though they are happy, just to get away with your work without placing an order. Word will get out quickly, and you will find yourself working for free for most people, ending up working hours for nothing as opposed to working hours for $5 :confused:


There’s something to be said about having a low cancellation rate - but not at the expense of making money. You need to respect your ability - people need to pay you for the work you have done. The odd low rating won’t destroy your business. Giving away your work for free could…


Raise your prices perhaps? If there’s lots of work involved then it’s not worth your time asking 5$.

Raising your prices might get you less orders but more meaningful relations with clients that value your work and time.


Well, either way, I did it free if they cancel. I must accept cancellations. IF I risk it I can get a low rating or Fiverr will cancel it.
At least this way It won’t increase my cancellation rate, which is highly important for gig rankings.