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Avoiding scams for newbies

I am new to Fiverr and I was offered a job today way to easy. The buyer wanted me to communicate with them through Google Hangout. They also wanted my address so they could send me a check to buy the equipment that is required for the job and buy and install all of the programs as well. I am new to this site so I am not sure are the buyers screened before allowing them to post jobs or contact sellers?

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Don’t converse with a buyer outside of Fiverr. It will not only take up more of your time, but the buyer may be trying to breach Fiverr terms of service or scam you.

There’s nothing you can’t discuss in Fiverr chat for an order. Some buyers just want to ramble on instead of writing coherently – and they expect you to take notes, on top of the time you spend doing the Hangout, plus the actual work.

Fiverr doesn’t allow this anyway.


I thought it was unusual he wanted to use Hangout instead of through the Fiverr thread. I appreciate your feedback.



I recommend you read Fiverr’s TOS before going any further.


You’re very welcome. Doing that could cost you your account anyway.

If you keep everything in Fiverr, you have records for them in case someone wrongs you.