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Avoiding surprise buyers

Hello everyone,
this is my first post here and I need you to ask for some help.
Is there a way to accept of refuse a buyer? Because a couple days ago someone bought my gig without any previous chat.
I wrote on my page that everyone need to contact me first, before buying anything so we can discuss about the project and the prices ( I create JRPG games. Offline and visual from above).
So he bought the basic package but wanted a long and complex work like a premium one,
his grammar was really really bad, and I couldn’t understand nothing and after some messages I did understand that he wanted something that was not included in my gig (Online mmo first person game).
So I opened an order dispute telling him to cancel his order and I kindly explained in the reasons that I couldn’t create this kind of game because it was not in my gig.
Anyway he said nothing and canceled his order. BUT
Now I have 50% order completed (and I completed 6 order before!) and I think this is really unfair!
Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to avoid something like that in the future?


I’m going to admit, this is one of my biggest fears being on Fiverr; having a customer order something without properly reviewing/contacting you first. You did the right thing by having the “please contact me before ordering” option and canceling the order when you could. My best advice for you to avoid this situation in the future is using the gig requirement page (the page where they can type what they want, add pictures, ect.) to add a section where you ask buyers “Have you contacted me prior to ordering?” as both a reminder to contact you/ let them know you are serious about it. Since the order won’t be finalized until your customer fills out that section it at least provides you with a buffer. It’ll also help to weed out not-so-great buyers that just place the order and lie about contacting you.

In any case, hope you don’t mind the late response, and definitely reach out to Fiverr support to see if they can help you! Best of luck!


Thanks for your reply, don’t worry about the late.
Anyway the support was very helpful and I managed to have my completion rate on 100% again.
And yes, you are right but it will still be something in the hand of customers (like every other selling work where you have customers)

This is a fantastic idea about including that question - thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, I completely agree. Having it signposted to contact first is a good initial step but @komodolass is right, having the requirements page is so so crucial. FInd out as much information about the job before they place an order even if it has been discussed in the chat. Having a backlog of this is really important in situations like this.

Glad you got it sorted. Here’s to future gigs,