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Award Winning Professor and Published Writer/Blog Influencer

Hi guys,

I’m a buyer and a seller here and i’m getting used to hanging around here.

If anybody needs a writer, please feel free to contact me. As for myself, I’m wondering if any of you have a good Wordpress developer or know of one on here that might be able to assist me with a few things in my blog.

And it’s nice to meet you guys. I’m an online writing prof, have been for 16 years, and look forward to doing more freelance writing here. I’ve got over 400 published articles from blogs to academic journals, and I’ve got a lot of experience content writing and blog writing.

I’d love to follow and get followed and get to know some of you.

Is there any reason you keep starting the same thread over and over and over? It’s just not a very effective strategy. As an award winning professor and published etc, you should be aware of certain…things. How does one become an online writing prof anyway? Sounds like one of those certificates you can buy on or something.

Dear Ms emmaki -
Since you don’t know Kristy, you don’t know her qualifications. I’m not a writer but I do know that putting down your competition is not an effective way to prop yourself up.

You’re defending someone who has long left Fiverr, Pete. My criticism was leveled at starting (at the time) several posts in this vein.

I’m not putting my competition down; this competition doesn’t exist. Why are you bringing this up almost 5 weeks after the fact? By the way–your online writing prof has a website, where you can find out all about her Fiverr service and “copyrighting” services before defending someone you don’t know.

As I could have told you then and I will now: this seller was a crock. She failed. Or he did, whatever. Don’t care.

I can tell just by looking at how this post of hers was written she’s not a professional writer, starting with using the phrase “online writing prof”.

Since you don’t know emmaki, she simply points out the obvious in her no nonsense way.