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Awarded As Level 2 Seller Few Days Ago


Hi Mates,

Hope you are Busy and Enjoying you work with Having Lots Of orders.

Let me Share my Bad Feeling with you Guys,

I Joined Fiverr One Years ago.And Opened Few Gigs as a test basis and got few order after couple of week.From them i was thinking take Fiverr as my Main Income source.I was getting a few orders most likely 2 per week and i was happy with that.

Last Three Months ago i take a initiative to increase my sales in Fiverr. So i have opend 14 Gigs with Unique HQ Picture,Unique Title & Descriptions and I choose my Tags with a lot of research. I have added few Videos in few Gigs Also.
In Last Month I have awarded as Level 2 Seller. I was so Happy that i could get a lots of order! So I started to be active in fiverr 15+ Hours in a daily basis.I tried to reply all of the massages when then just reach my inbox.Last few days i have started to collect other gigs to exchange mine!
I have pormoted my gigs in twitter,pinterest,facebook and other social media and did few SEO Backlinks.

Nothing WORKED!
I have talked with Fiverr Customer Support about my gigs and they They are Kind enough to wish me Good Luck!Still Not increased my Sales!

I can see i have in total 14 active gigs but in "My Gig" Section its showing me that i have Active 9 (on the upper left corner) but Interesting thing is its also showing me all 14 gigs and all are green Marked and active!

When I click the show start option in my gigs its also showing me Wrong Infos! For Example 1 of my gig have earned 12$ but the state shows me the gig is viewed only 1 time!
I had a great wish i could Make Few Hundred Dollar in every month Just after awarded as level 2 seller but Alas!
I am Out Of LUCK!

Is there anything you could share with me How can i make my gigs visible in Fiverr Search Engine ? I am tired not to making expected sales in my gigs.I saw a lot people are getting Huge order and I love see the in ques in theri Gigs and always deem about one day I will Have Lots of In ques

I wish all of the seller's success in Fiverr. Dont want to see some one like me who have worked hard but not making expected Money as like as me :(

Any Tips Or advice will be appreciated
Wish Your All the Best


Reply to @ultraweb:

Reply to @greyhound12:

Thanks both of you, taking some time to review my gigs.

I will try my best to improve the area you have mentioned in my gigs.

Will let you know the updates



oi just looked at your gigs not for me to say but i did reach level 2 in 1 month of selling, check your keywords i know you say have researched but you haven’t done enough, your tiles don’t make me want to click you ad, ad more photos or make a video, it may be only five bucks but people are picky excite them make them think there are getting more then they are paying for (which in most cases they already are ) and last but not least share your own gig on facebook

hope this helps

armansto said: i was thinking take Fiverr as my Main Income source

That is probably the worst thing to do! If you think of it as just a sideline (like I do with my gigs) then it won't annoy you as much when you have little sales.

I think the main thing with Fiverr gigs is you just have to find ways to make yourself stand out more than the competition (kind of along the lines of what ultraweb has just said above).

I would suggest doing a bit of research; check out the competition, find out who has sold the highest volumes of gigs for whatever gigs you are doing, compare yours and theirs, and that way you might get an insight into what makes people buy from them rather than you. You never know, even if your descriptions and feedback are great it might even be down to something as silly as the wrong or not enough keywords/tags attached to your gigs! :)


I would contact support again. If you do well this is how fiverr makes money. I had reached a slump in sales …several a week(this is my extra milk money and occasional good-will hunting ok and pull ups ha ha fun being a grown up) any way, if you ask them to please bump up a few of your gigs, they might they did this for me and then a few days later I got a huge increase of sales! good luck! the best bet is to not quit!


Reply to @ultraweb:

Reply to @greyhound12:

Will you please check again and advice me about the title and tags this time?I made a little change and i hope this time its more accurate then previous one!

I am a non-english speaker so its a little tough for me to make a really well looking titles which will be eye catchy.

What i have did is best from my part please check and let me know.

Thanks in advance