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Aware of fake buyers! Fiverr will not help you

A fake buyer placed a order with me, i was forced to delivery to save it from cancellation.

After that he said i faked him and asked me for a extra gig for free or else will post negative feedback.

I reported him to fiverr and fiverr refused to help, they say it’s my duty to fulfill all his demands or else they will not help in taking action against him.

I delivered him the extra 5$ gig to him but he still leave a negative feedback saying that he needs return or he will not remove the feedback. I report the same to fiverr, they still said that it’s my duty to fulfill all his demand or they can’t help me.

Now when i processed the refund the procedure and put the cancellation process, fiverr send a message saying without buyer permission they will not remove the feedback.

So at last the buyer get a service for 10$ for free and leave a negative feedback and fiverr is saying that they can’t help it.

I am totally against such buyers and fiverr policy to help their sellers in this manner.

I am feeling very helpless at this time.

The buyer is http://fragglesrock

You can read the whole order conversation and decide yourself.

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I don’t see any negatives on your gigs, you have orders in queue and 100% rating. So you seem to have escaped unscathed. :wink:

Yes i am also affected some fake buyers

plz aware following fake buyers


FRAGGLESROCK - this guy place 23 orders in same time without any conversation i send lot of message but no response now i doing cancel the all order

I don’t know how to affect my profile :frowning:

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i am also affected fake buyer name is "fragglesrock"

buyer ORDER my gig, and i delivered order with in 3 days, when i promise complete order with in 5 days. when buyer get work, then just cancel order, and blame me (fake blame) i am not done work properly,when i was prove buyer blame wrong, buyer cancel order using Fiverr Customer Support… this buyer get my $5 gig free… beware fiverr sellers…

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

Surely if the buyer is a scammer and ripping people off then we must be warned.

If he hasnt done anything bad then he wont get called out.

And if Fiverr wont do anything about it…

Easy solution. Create a disputes area, and then put a negative or positive tick etc on account so public can see

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