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Awareness from fake ID

In your freelancing career you will have to be careful to find out the true buyers or choose your buyers.

In my recent experience I have heard from my friends that they received fake offers from the buyers that they received messages and the buyer uses some restricted words in their conversations that prohibited in the Fiverr rules and regulations.

So, Please follow the following tips:

  1. Before offer him you need to go the client’s profile and observe it carefully.
  2. Read out the comments or reviews.
  3. Whether the profile picture is clear or not.

This tips may help you to secure your Gig.

You can write in comments regarding your own experiences.

Thank you.

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Are anyone going through such experience?
Please reply your thoughts in the comment section. That creates awareness to the seller.Thank you.

No i did not encountered with the same situation in my freelancing carrer.
Btw thanks for the information.

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I never go check a buyer’s profile at all.

Maybe it is different for other categories, and some feel a need to see how they rated other sellers, or if they look “shady” on their profile.

But, I have not had an issue (knock on wood!) and I would rather not have a bias against someone if I see they are a pain to other sellers. I think it would hinder my ability to do what I do. I would rather not know.

Then again, I do not look at my reviews, analytics page or anything. I just come and do my orders. Seems those who look at their impressions, clicks etc and reviews are always so frustrated or unhappy. Maybe ignorance is bliss for me!