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Awesome Clients

Some of my long-term clients are really awesome…like angels on earth…in fact, most of my clients are like that. That’s why I always begin my day with a smile on my face, and look forward to work every single time. It’s not about the money, it’s about doing great work for people I respect.

My friends on Fiverr forum make me smile too…In fact I’ve been smiling since the the day I decided to unfollow the news and give up Twitter completely :slight_smile: No idea what’s happening in the country, but am happy :slight_smile:

This really feels awesome. I just sound like a dumb nerd in the meeting and gatherings where everyone talks about latest happenings but it does not matter. I just say that I am quite lazy to follow the news :slight_smile: It feels very awkward when people say they hate/love this or that due to news happenings and ask for my opinion. Everyone wants to educate me because I do not have an opinion :slight_smile:

Damn…my peace has been broken by a lady who makes her dogs poop on the sidewalk in front of my house. God give me strength and courage. LOL.

frantically searching for the law on this


Yeah, I noticed that with you. I think that’s the only way to keep your sanity intact in a country like ours.

Just find out where the woman lives and go and poop on her sidewalk. Either that or get Emma-Ji to send you some rose petals to help cover the smell. She has loads and they are available at incredible value.