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Awesome Conversation With a Copycat


But can you give me some work.


God…this is funny :laughing:


Part Deux


I’d read such conversations day and night if I had access to them - these are precious and addictive :joy:


I guess I will have few later today of them as I personally contacted 4 sellers that stole my gig photos and description. I hope that the remaining three would also reply.

Only thing that is missing is “Dear R U happy”


We should all be doing this, and share our copycat experiences :smiley:


Yeah it’s fun my dear.


Wow, the nerve. I wonder what’s like to live with that constant heatwave of shame on your face?
At least that’s what I would feel…


It’s a shame that I am not allowed to put his username nor his profile photo (which is hilarious) :smiley:

It’s not a fake one.


Seller no.2 replied. He is from the UK BTW.

@Woofy31 here is another one.


This is pure gold!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Man. I am tired of this guys.


Is there a way to find copycat gigs?


Yes, google your first few sentences from your gig description.


thanks :slight_smile: Hopefully I won’t be back here with a report :wink:


Have had this happen to me so many times too. Shameless people…


Regarding this, I’m glad I can relax as of now :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, ‘as soon as possible, huh’? I feel with you, was not nice to stumble over “2” sellers who copied and use my (former) profile description. I wouldn´t have minded the gig description even that much, but the profile description… :unamused: I didn´t feel like talking to them, though, I didn´t want to read any ‘tnx for telling me it´s not okay to pretend I´m u’ or ‘nobody asked for your opinion’ (got the latter from someone who messaged me to do something fishy when I replied telling them to read ToS).

Not sure if they feel anything the like of shame, really, though, I doubt it.


But my main concern is how to find someone who is using your gig description or copying any other thing on Fiverr?? :sweat_smile: Maybe someone is using my stuff even i am not a big seller.


@miiila - They don’t have shame at all. Those people are funny they will do everything just to earn a quick back and then get a negative review at the end and rant in the forums on how they got a negative review.

@iamsachmusic - Just google it, you might be shocked. :slight_smile: