Awesome illustrations, but no orders :(


Hey Guys, I have several Gigs on Fiverr but the amour of orders is super low. Most of the times just 1border a week. I recently opened some new Gigs, but none of those had received an order.

I dont want you guys to think I am begging you, but I have 2 questions.

1: Please check out my Gigs, and tell me what I can improve.

2: Any chance one of you guys can order my latest Gig and give a positive review, of course I Will give you what you ordered. It’s just that a positive rating helps increase sales. Here is the link:

Thanks to you all.

Greetings, Mike.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to MY FIVERR GIGS.


Only thing i noticed right away is your response time is 10 hours, this might have some impact. Also note that it does take time, some of the successful sellers have been here for several years.


Thanks, the reason with the response time is that I’m dutch, and most people are American, so when they message me most of the time I’m sleeping.


Its tricky to keep the response time low with international customers wherever you live, i’m in GMT +2 time zone and also get most messages from US.