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Awesome Order Notification Comes in Android App


Hello, I Just my Android Phone, When New Order Come, Its Awesome Notification Comes with Awesome Icons, Hope any one notice this.

This is really great improvements, I am really to say THANKS fiverr :slight_smile:


Isn’t that something which was already there with the Fiverr app?
Not sure about the awesome icon you are referring to though.


When receive any order or any notification fiverr app showing awesome icons with notification message in mobile.


Errr… Did you try out the app just recently? :sweat_smile:


He just started using the app.


No i am using app before few years, I am talking about Check New notification icon when you get any query or orders, its look like awesome with greenry color.


Can you post some screenshots here? Would love to see what “greenry color” notification you are talking about. :smile: