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AWESOME Voice Acting! 100% positive feedback! How to get more customers?


I’ve only have one customer so far. And he’s said that he LOVED it and even gave me and extra 5 bucks!

Can you guys purchase my gig or at least tell me how to get more attention?


yea that was me, don’t worry the orders will come i have more coming for you soon :slight_smile:


Keep it up! There’s great work for voiceover artists here. All it took was one good gig review and suddenly the work started coming in. Good luck my friend.



Just checked out your demo. Your character voices are definetly your best selling point. The nerd sounds really good, and that Scottish character is so strong!

My advice, please feel free to ignore it.

Remember, you HAVE to grab your listeners attention in the first 5-10 seconds. That’s it. Your first five seconds were just ok (please don’t be hurt, I’m giving you honest feedback). Your good impressions didn’t pop up until about half way through your voiceover. Make those first 5 seconds as strong and attention grabbing as you possibly can. I would consider starting your video AS one of your voice characters, then later talking about you and your gig in general.

Good luck!


You’re extremely talented! I can’t think of any improvements for your gig. I like it. :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll do very well. On your profile, you might want to add an avatar and a bit about yourself.