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Awesome! You’ve just earned a Level Two Seller status!

Hello, everyone.
My name is John. I started working on Fiverr in April of 2016 and became level 1 really fast. But then I start to give up on this platform. Troublesome buyers, cancellations, low rated reviews without any reasons. All these made me go away for about a year. (i wasn’t really able to give the necessary time and attention to this platform).

At the end of May 2017, I came back. More dedicated. I took the whole thing more seriously, I even start learning things that I thought I already knew about Fiverr.

And eventually im here level 2 seller. I know it is not something spectacular to brag about. But I kinda feel proud about all of my completed projects. And still, im really “hungry” for knowledge. I even want other sellers to say their opinions about my services or just share their stories & tips with me.

My “personal tips” as a freelancer here in Fiverr (nothing special):

Be kind. I know this is basic. But there is nothing better than a buyer that understands that there is a person at the other side of a conversation. We all got problems, issues. So please be gentle and kind. Don’t be pushy ( i met a lot of sellers like these). In my opinion, if you want to be “professional”, first you have to be a good person. And by “good” I mean, don’t cross a man that doesn’t deserve it.

Be clear & patient. Try to explain to the buyer what you can do and what you can’t. What you offer exactly. It better to start a small project than a big one that you can’t handle. Try to understand what your client wants to archive. I know for $5 few will care what is the primary goal of their clients. But just try. This can save you a lot of time.

Respect yourself and value your time. Don’t start any project if you think you will waste your time for nothing. Learn to say NO. (This is a word powered by Gods) By saying no, first, you value yourself and you show to your clients that you’re serious about your job. And I can guarantee that this word will help you more than you think in your life.

Stop accusing everyone else about your misfortune. (I saw that a lot here in the forum while Fiverr updated their search engine.) Can’t you get any sales anymore? Then go and find out what is the issue with your gigs. You’re a business. You have to evolve, be adaptive but unique at the same time. If you want to survive in a global market. The information is out there. It is up to you and only you. None can help you if you can’t help yourself.

Stop acting like you’re smarter than anyone else. ( I did that a lot) . Maybe 10 years ago you could take advantage of this. But now the world is smarter and maybe smarter than you. So take care and stop humiliating yourself.

oh and don’t steal. :wink: Not Cool.

I apologise for my mumbling :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good luck and please dont give up.

Please check out my Gigs and kindly tell me your opinion. It will help me(not only me) a lot. :smiley:

Here is my profile.

Kind regards,
John Dev Black.


A very congratulations to you for your success. Keep up the good work.

Best of luck.