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Awful cancelation policies, get pwnd for free, exclusive fiverr offer!

So, as a seller you get royally screwed by cancelations, even if they are not your fault.

I got my seller level lowered by a single cancelation, because the buyer ordered before contacting me, and wanted to go for the moon for $5 and couldn’t agree on the price. So the buyer gets his money back, and I get my ratings lowered.

And just now, a seller wanted to cancel because couldn’t send me some files until next year. I asked support about it, and they cancelled the order, automatically, so they went over me, and took away my option to extend the delivery time.

I guess all the years I’ve been here, and all the hundreds of orders I’ve made, and fiverr taking 20% off of everything I do, at the end they behave like they are doing a kind favor to me. I wonder if the people who make decisions here have worked as freelancers a single time in their lifetime.


I couldn’t agree more

Did the ToS changed, or you just decided you don’t like it anymore? :slight_smile: I believe the cancelation rules did not change much since you started, yet you did hundreds of orders instead of taking your talent somewhere else, where this rule doesn’t exist. You agreed with their ToS, and it’s simple: Your order gets canceled, they lose money. They lose money, you get punished. It’s all about the money, I don’t think it’s personal.

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I know this type of thing is annoying and I would imagine if there was a simple solution for it then it would be done but imagine the backlog and workload if Staff had to manually check every cancellation (because I don’t remember ever seeing a seller post that the cancellation was their fault).

I don’t get this - this issue is the same for every other seller on the platform yet you take it as a personal offence?
Frustration about it not being your fault - I get.
Wondering why you haven’t been given special treatment when nobody else gets it - I don’t get.


It was never about the money, it is about the ratings.
Ratings should not go down, for cancelations that are not the seller’s fault.

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If you are going to impart punishment for cancelations, then have a system that works to check whose fault is it. Is it too hard to do? Will the staff get stressed out? Poor fiverr people, I don’t know if I could sleep tonight.

I offer excelent service to my clients, because they pay me. I pay fiverr with my 20%, I expect excelent service from them to me.

I do my job, this place should do its job as well.

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I was not talking about your money. It was all about the money for Fiverr.

The issue isn’t them getting stressed out, the issue is manpower to cover ever single cancellation. You seem to have an issue with the 20% fee but if staff were needed to assess every cancellation and every other nuance of the rating system for over 100,000 sellers each month then you can be pretty sure the 20% would be a lot higher.

You do get treated the same as every other seller.
I agree that it isn’t good that sellers get affected negatively when its not their fault but implementing a system to raise standards was necessary I think. Sorry it has hit you this time.


I think that it is safe to say that the answer to this question is a simple no.

The simple solution would be to give sellers a cancellation allowance each month. i.e. The first 2 x cancellations don’t count but the rest do. Hell, even one not counting would help a lot of sellers.

Sadly, I doubt this will ever happen. :frowning:


If some cancellations would not count, then a lot of people would abuse that system. That’s most likely the reason why they penalize all cancellations equally now. I am dealing with this too, people that order by mistake because they pressed the wrong button or which ordered the wrong package and want to cancel…

It doesn’t seem fair that some of us work 10 - $50 gigs per month, while others work 100 - $5 gigs per month, yet if those higher paid sellers have cancellations, we are punished first even though we make the same money as the lower paid person who works more gigs. One or two cancellations a month could truly jeopardize my Level II but not affect a Level II Seller who sells dozens of gigs per month. On the other hand, I guess I’m not surprised as there is no fairness on this site. It doesn’t really encourage me to raise my rates at all on my other gigs.

There is complete fairness on this site. We all are bound by the same rules, requirements, cancellation consequences, metrics, etc. Yes, the search algorithm does appear to do odd things sometimes, but, there too, the algorithm I, or any other veteran seller, works under, is the same exact algorithm that newbie sellers work under. The cream eventually rises to the top. And any cancellations I might have, affect me the same as yours affect you. That sounds pretty fair to me.


It should be based on amount of money earned, not on number of orders. I shouldn’t lose a level because someone wanted a cancellation. If another buyer has 200 orders a month, one or two cancellations won’t affect them, but one cancellation affects those of us with only a 10-15 $50 to $600 orders.

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Even the best sellers lose a level from time-to-time. It’s part of being a seller here on Fiverr.

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That’s debatable to say the least. I believe a seller that sells a hundred 5$ gigs brings more revenue to Fiverr than one that sells ten 50$ gigs, cause I’m positive Fiverr is making a profit on the payment processing fees.

I don’t think I’d ever be willing to do hundred smaller gigs a month, as, as of now, I have a little over 300 in 2 years and it has kept me pretty busy overall.

But if there are people willing and succeeding in doing so, hats off to them. It’s definitely not easy communicating, managing expectations, on time deliveries and so forth of 100 different people.

Honestly it feels you’re just sore things are not going your way, but I think you may need to rethink your strategy.

I, for one, started working on smaller orders in order to have room for cancellations if I ever needed and it worked so far. Everything is a trade-off

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I agree although it might be that fiverr is ok with sellers being demoted if they don’t have a certain number of sales as that is the only way it makes sense. I’m not saying I agree with that idea but still, they surely already know this happens. They don’t make any allowances to this at all. It keeps me from increasing my prices.

I think that fiverr might have the idea that buyers are more satisfied if they pay very little for something. Hopefully they see that it is not true across the board and allow us to charge much more without penalty, such as having higher priced gigs that get fewer orders but earn more overall.

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