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Awful Customer Support

I contacted customer support with a query about my ID verification failing. the 1st time was an error on my side, the 2nd and 3rd time the picture was never clear enough no matter what device, angle, lighting, etc I took it in, so i sent it in and my account was suspended.

Since i didn’t want to lie, I told their support that since I’m only 15, and haven’t got any of the ID they require, that it was my mothers ID. I explained that I had seen forum posts of parents controlling the accounts and the minor doing the work. This is what I requested I would like to do, I then got told that I hadn’t read the terms and conditions as apparently I need to be 18+ to sell on Fiverr, when the Ts & Cs say 13+. Then i got told I’m “misrepresenting my ID” and that that is against the terms of service. I dont see how my request is against terms of service as I just want my mother to control/manage the account since I haven’t got any of the ID necessary since a passport costs quite a lot of money for a 15yr old and all other ID types either require me to be 18+ or to have a passport to prove who I am before I order the card. I dont see why Fiverr is so strict when I had a bank account opened with a Birth certificate and a Proof of Residence letter. I think its ridiculous. Then the Fiverr agent just closed the ticket, I messaged asking to talk to another agent, as this one wouldn’t respond, and they further ignored this message. Now my account is disabled and I cant even make a purchase

I had 1 good support experience with a CS member called Boris. He was amazing and so kind and actually enjoyed/wanted to do his job.


Okay, that’s news to me. I don’t remember that being in the ToS.

(I did warn you about using someone else’s ID, though. That one’s on you.)


Yes I know about someone elses ID, But i dont see what the issue is. My mother would be running the account. As in she does everything and controls everything, I would just do the work for the gigs. Ive seen forum posts on this and they seem to have done it without issues :slight_smile:

“It’s not possible to work on Fiverr for under 18 years old.” Direct from the support. Thats what i was told. And also its not in the TOS, Thats the weird part :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry about the late replies. Got limited for the max replies a new user can create.

No rush.

The only reason I can think of for this is that most methods for withdrawing require accounts that in turn require 18+. I honestly suspect you probably got someone newish in CS.

As for ID, I’ll quote, again:

She cannot make an account for you. You cannot make an account for her.

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I think so maybe, Ive had like 4 different members, only 3 of them replied and were helpful

Turns out since im a minor, I am allowed to user her ID, got one with another member of the support team and it went through all ok :slight_smile:

I’m glad it went well for you. As you’ve seen, sometimes it doesn’t.

Depends on the support member, Turns out the one i had in the 1st place didnt know the Terms of Service etc and when challenged they were just ignorant and rude. The 2nd one i had today called Emily was eager to help me out and did so within a couple of hours. Couldnt praise and thank her enough!

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