Awful first experience


This was going to be my first gig for voice overs. Looked like big money, and I was pretty excited, the guy was offering twenty to a hundred per video. I accepted the position as well as an additional position for audio sync, figured might as well get a little extra for my troubles. Figure everything was said and done, now he just wanted to know how I would sound with narrations. Fair enough. Send him back a complete, custom demo.

And then he turns around and tells me that his position for voice over had been taken even though I had already accepted it within minutes of his offer. I was livid but I wanted to keep professional, and I tried to negotiate the price of the other job as audio sync. 5/min was the max he was offering, and I couldn’t go lower: I already felt like he was trying to scam me. I needed him to show me otherwise.

I turned away after he flat out told me that I should look elsewhere if I couldn’t go lower than 5/min. Naturally, this was put into more professional words, but I don’t think he has any experience nor professionalism when it comes to casting people and I didn’t want to risk getting it with a 1-star getting out the gate.

Hopefully, I’ll get another potential job soon.


Offer 500 words for the basic package. Gain some good reviews and then lower it, I heard your voice, is nice but since you are new it might be hard to get some sells.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll go ahead and bump it up! ^u^


Hey, btw im not an expert in this, maybe 500 is a bit too high lol but I think it all comes down to build a good reputation first.
Good luck.