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Awful first time fiverr pro experience

My name is Alan and i am here to express my feedback towards my recent order with******. My main fiverr account profile is
I couldnt purchase his gig with that account so i had to make a new one.

First of all, this buyer had me complete the order right after i made the purchase. He delcared customers freeroll his work by canceling after 20 days. Therefore, i need to agree to his term before collaboration. I trusted him becasue he is listed as a fiverr pro.

After a few weeks in working with him, he will keep using the budget (my money) to test different interests/method. Claiming will produce good results by doing that and we have to wait for a week before it works. Nevertheless, it is a only giving me a false expectation each week with no actual result. When coming to the end of the 30 days period. I asked why aren’t there any result, he will blame it on my website despite he is doing quality work. Trying to push everything on the customer. I had zero sales after 30 days and to be really honest i am very upset with fiverr pro.

He also listed Unlimted Ads Promo video which he never created any sort of video and only have made 1 facebook ads.

Please look into this case and i am sure there will be similar customers share the same experience with me for this seller.

Mod Note: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forr name call-outs



Sorry for your bad experience but I find it strange that you’d accept to complete the order without having the work done first, the sellers paranoia isn’t your concern, once the order has been completed you lose some of the protections you would have had if it were an active order and he wasn’t delivering what was promised.

If I’m honest I’d pin this on you for falling for it, it’s surprising because based on your “main” account it doesn’t look like it’s your first time using Fiverr. Either way you could try submitting a ticket to see if customer service can help out, but you should definitely be more careful when doing anything online. Good luck.

I’d also like to add that I think you’re only allowed to have one account, not sure if this only applies for sellers though.

If that seller actually told you to accept his delivery without even delivering, you should report them immediately to Fiverr CS.

They shouldn’t be here, or maintain Pro status.

That being said, you should also note that creating multiple accounts is a violation of Fiverr’s ToS.

You should have CS de-activate one of them if you want to keep using the platform without risking getting banned.


It does appear that several of this seller’s clients had the same experience as you, i.e. the feedback refers several times to people having accepted a job and reviewed it before the project was even done or commenced–“awaiting results”, “wanted fast payment” etc. I hope this person gets taken off the platform. Note, however, he shows as Level 2 not Pro now.

I am really sad to hear of your experience, and I am sure you have learned now the hard way that accepting to close a job and paying for it before the work is done is an extremely bad idea, and that you were also at fault here. Having said that, his way of working will be against Terms of Service and I suspect this, if proven true, will get the seller banned immediately.

I suggest you take screenshots of the relevant parts of your correspondence with the seller (as Fiverr Customer Support cannot see everything and are pressed for time) and send a detailed chronology to Customer Support.

The critical part to screenshot is where he asks for up-front payment and acceptance of the completed job before doing the work. All the rest is fluff. :slight_smile: Focus on the part that breaks TOS.

Keep emotions out of it, and be very clear about the fact you were asked to pay before the person did the work–also that his reviews refer to this several times. I suspect you will be refunded but may also attract a warning yourself.

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This is constant confusion I see from people. Seller level is not PRO, it is the service being provided. So technically levels are new, 1,2, TRS. Pro is granted to certain service and it is indicated by different star color. So he is level 2 seller but that gig was Pro verified and it looks like it is placed on hold and being checked by CS.

Ah! That’s interesting, Marina. I did not know that! Each time I saw Pro on someone’s gig, I thought it meant they got a Pro status per se. Well, I have learned something new! :slight_smile: Thanks for that clarification, appreciated.

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