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Awkward moment when buyer reply message from 'Buyer Request'

Hi, I’m a seller and hope my English writing is not too bad. I try my best to share my experience.

This awkward situation always happen if buyer message me back after they interested with my proposal.

The awkward is… I can’t see my original proposal. And have problem to recognise who’s message me because during proposal, we don’t know their username.

usually, they assume I already know who they are and they will just continue to message me without mention which project they refer.

This was design for a purpose?
Or Fiverr can solve this problem? At least Fiverr can attach the buyer original proposal when they do follow up message.

Thank you.


I don’t use the Buyer Request very often, but I noticed the same problem as well.

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After you sent an offer though, you can - side by side - see all offers you sent and the requests with usernames if you go to the BR section and click the “Sent Offers” tab.

And before you send an offer, you can see the username if you look at the BR in the phone app.

Hope that helps.


Thanks a lot! This huge help for me. :ok_hand: