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"aww snap" delivery problem

Does anyone have this message when try to deliver a project?

Went through that a few times, but the order did actually seem to have been delivered, but always best to check. :slightly_smiling_face:

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few days back I was facing same issue while uploading big files upto 100mb and then after uploading as soon as I click deliver it was like AWW SNAP :smiley: now its fine! maybe Fiverr was updating

Thanx for the tip bro !

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Awww :slight_smile:
lost alot giga``s

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You’re welcome! :sunny:

Yeah! Even I experienced it on my first delivery using Chrome. If it worries you even the slightest bit, you can use Internet Explorer just to deliver the file.

Awesome Knishka, thanx for the tip !

Except it’s usually not browser related and would have happened (with a different error message) on any browser. At some point you’ll see a similar message across all browsers.

IF you try again in 5 minutes, 99% of the time it will work the second time unless the issue is on your end. I’ve had it work by refreshing the page, and sending again.

There are many moving parts. Could be related to a minor issue with your network/WiFi, your internet connection, with something on Fiverr’s end, and many other parts in-between.

For 99% of the cases where that message displays, it’s wait a few minutes and try again. Then it works. (Always refresh your page, sometimes that alone is enough.)

If I remember correctly, Chrome is their browser of choice, although it generally works well across FF and IE too.

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Nope, I’ve checked on it a few times. Google Chrome has a small issue with large files being uploaded (at times). However, through IE, I’ve always had it sent successfully. Some would like to take precautions to save data (even 150 MB matters in some countries). I’ve never gotten the error on IE. High chance its an error likely to happen just on Chrome itself. Not sure about FF and Opera so I’ll leave them aside.

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In my case, works with IE, and worked with chrome by pressing deliver button before famous AWW SNAP :slight_smile:

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Yes thats happends with me on google chrome, but when i delete the cookies it has been fix

Well, the “Awww Snap” message is from Chrome, but that is their error for “I have no idea why it failed…”

I have a reasonable experience base with Chrome and FF. I’ve delivered over 3,000 gigs with over 5,000 files in the last 16 months.

I’ve switched between Chrome & FF regularly. When it’s failed in Chrome, I’ve switched to FF, sometimes it works immediately, sometimes it also fails.

When in FF, when it fails I’ve had it work in Chrome immediately afterward, and I’ve had it fail immediately. That implies it probably NOT related to the browsers. A few minutes later one or the other works, with nothing but a browser page refresh.

I’ve had FF fail just as often as Chrome…

I had someone in tech support tell me Chrome was their preferred browser but that was over six months ago.

I’ve just sent a request to support to see if that’s still the current recommendation, as things change over time.

I doubt IE is going to be the browser of choice, as even MS is moving away from it with Edge being their future. But Edge and IE combined don’t get to 20% usage share.

Chrome is over 50% these days in all the stats I’ve seen, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be the first choice for Fiverr too.

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All I said was "if you don’t want to risk it, go ahead and use IE just to upload and deliver the file. You may have experience with the browsers. But even beginners can tell that IE doesn’t post problems when you upload files.

I base my recommendations on delivering thousands of files and I have a husband that did tech support for software, and he built some software that worked in IE, used by over 10,000 users at one point. I’m not a novice browser user…

How any files have you delivered with IE? I suspect you’ll find there are plenty of issues that happen with IE once you deliver enough.

Maybe your account is a new one and you have multiple accounts, but it looks like you’ve delivered a couple dozen files or so. You have one review. (I suspect maybe you’re delivering lots of projects on another freelance platform.)

All I’m saying is, “If you want the best all around experience possible, go with the browser that Fiverr tech support recommends and is the most popular these days.”

The direct word from Fiverr tech support is “Chrome is our preferred browser…” The reason is simple. It’s the one used by more people, it’s the one they are going to test first, and it’s the one where over half the Fiverr deliveries are going to start.

It will also have the most issues reported, because it’s getting used 2 to 4 times more. When used far more, there will be more reports because many times the issues actually relate to the users machine, configuration and/or their internet connection, not the actual browser. The error will arrive in the browser, but that’s not the cause of the issue.

Lots of moving parts.

No stress from me if you do something different.

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And yes again (confirmed) if you are fast, pressing immediately deliver, order goes delivered when you refresh.

Personally, I use chrome for my daily tasks. I have delivered around 10 times via IE. Leave that aside. The simple fact is, Chrome isn’t the most friendly browser in a broad perspective. You may have have a computer/laptop which has enough Memory to run Chrome smoothly. Clearly many people suffer from the same problem while using Chrome. So I don’t think it’s a huge problem for them to just open fiverr via IE and simply deliver the file without any trouble. It doesn’t matter how many files you have delivered. A single persons opinion cant be effective throughout the rest of the sellers.

You need to understand the concept of choosing between a browser which may work and suit for an individuals purpose. Not just by looking at the “Aw Snap” problem and directly asking them to continue using Chrome. There are few sellers or a limited amount who don’t have computers powerful enough to run chrome smoothly.

BTW, please read my comment once more. You might’ve had a problem reading it before, so I quoted it below.

I hope the bold words help you understand the meaning of my reply.

And just to rest this case,

He mentioned that it actually works.