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B is for Batman! Who would be in your pop culture alphabet?


We’re in love with this pop culture alphabet!

Dare you to come up with your own letters and characters-- and to post them here! :slight_smile:

What can you create?


M is for Martian Manhunter!


M for MacGuyver <3 :smiley:


S = So d*mn much money :-bd


Of course for me it’s all about the Pony.

A is for Cutie Mark Crusader - Apple Bloom (and her big sister Applejack who represents the Element of Harmony: Honesty)


V is for Van Damme :slight_smile:


E is for Eastwood. :smiley:


B = for Buffy!! I love Buffy the vampire slayer. It still remains one of my fave shows from the 90ies :smiley:

Oh and E = for Erica (Being Erica)


M for




E is for everything you desire. :slight_smile:


كابتن رابح

R for captain Rabeh xDD


B is for bullsh++ new rating system


Reply to @accessgirl: cool!


V for Victory //


G for Goku!


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F is for flash.<img


Who is C in the first post?


Reply to @nunojota: The letter C in the original post is named ‘Cobra Commander’ from the animated television series “G.I. Joe”.