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B2B lead generation hunter

hello everyone, I am new here at fiverr…how to get first order, somebody suggest me!!


You could start by selling something ethical instead of selling people’s email addresses and falsely calling it lead generation.


Happy New Year! I’m glad it’s not just me that finds these gigs unethical. When a seller is offering up to 500 leads for $80 - I suspect it’s hardly niche targeting, more email scraping.


Yeah. It’s actually illegal in Canada and I think the UK to send unsolicited emails because it’s so wrong.


Indeed it is: .


It’s a little complicated in the UK… private individuals are different to businesses. You have to prove that the service is relevant to that business if there is a complaint to the ICO. There are other things to consider as well… unsubscribe requirements / spam emails vs. cold emails / informing the recipient of data handling. So on and so forth.

This is down to GDPR which has been difficult for even experienced lawyers and companies to manage / implement.

So in short you can send emails that someone isn’t expecting, but there is a right way and lots of wrong ways to do it. I think the fine for a wrong way is up to £500K.

As for scraping / finding the emails, that’s a whole different kettle of fish and is certainly likely going to be against the ToS of the email source. (Unless the list email list is pre 2003).

I’ve barely scratched the surface, like I said it’s complicated but @english_voice & @humanissocial are right. The laws in Europe were changed to prevent this kind of thing, it’s not ethical so I do not think this will end well.


Yeah I’ve heard GDPR is super confusing but it disallows you from subscribing people to a newsletter or some other email marketing without their consent.

Like in Canada, you have to explicitly opt in to such emails to get them.

What makes these services even more frustrating is that this is not lead generation. Someone isn’t your lead just because you emailed them and emailing tons of strangers without their xonsent

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Yep! Some of it is still even considered open to interpretation (due to some questions / complaints not being ruled upon yet) so different companies take different approaches.

For sure, but sending a cold email is different to subscribing someone to a newsletter which is different to sending a spam email.

I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying you are allowed to email someone without first getting express permission, there’s just lots of rules and hoops to jump through.

For sure but no one buys hundreds or thousands of emails from a Fiverr seller primarily to message people individually. They do it to import them into newsletter subscriptions or scams.

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Subscription implies more than 1 email will be sent to the same recipient, and that would be a problem. But 1 email sent to a 1000 people is allowed, so long as it’s relevant, with unsubscribe, data info etc etc.

This explains it better:

Also, we are assuming this seller is scraping from places he shouldn’t and performing the service in countries where he is not allowed to. However this might not be the case (major benefit of the doubt).

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Either way, I bet @razibhosenratul was not expecting these responses and is thinking WTH have I got myself into!

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Here are tips put together by other Fiverr Forum sellers.

  1. Do not stay online 24/7. It would be best if you had your sleep to be productive.
  2. Do not post your gigs all over social media. It is SPAM, and besides, your friends and relatives are not your target buyers.
  3. Use Buyer Requests ONLY if you can do a great job fulfilling the buyer’s requirements.
  4. When making offers on Buyer Requests, do not use copied and pasted offers. Each Buyer Request is unique and needs a different answer.
  5. Make sure your profile is perfect. Spell everything correctly and use proper English grammar.
  6. Make sure your gig images are different from any other seller and make sure they are eye-catching.
  7. Never copy another seller’s gig mages or wording.
  8. Do not do homework for students. Doing academic work for students will cause you to lose your gig and maybe even your account.
  9. Be patient.
  10. Offer fair pricing for your products.
  11. Offer quality products.
  12. Always be kind to Buyers (even the ones that tick you off).
  13. Seek to improve your product quality over time.
  14. Pay attention to what your Seller competitors are doing and learn from them (asking this question is a step in that direction).
  15. Be honest.

Expect failures, disappointments, and cancellations but also expect successful events as well.

It is allowed if all recipients have expressly opted into receiving them. This article doesn’t explain that part of the policy.

Opt in needs to be voluntary and explicit. You can’t just send whatever you want to whoever you want because it’s relevant and you have an unsubscribe button.

If they are a customer or you need to be able to contact them for another reason, that’s different and allowed. But I’m talking about newsletters unrelated to or not involving a relationship to service delivery.


Express opt in requirements relate to private individuals / B2C.

This is different to the requirements when dealing with businesses / B2B.

I’m referring to B2B.

The goal of GDPR was to protect the individual consumer, not to protect businesses.

If a business was no longer able to ever reach out coldly to another business using email it would be pretty stifling to economic growth.

I didn’t say that it did.

I explicitly said I’m referring to putting on newsletter lists without consent. I’m clearly not saying businesses aren’t allowed to send cold emails to other businesses. Of course they are.

My bad, thanks for clarifying for me, it seems we’re not disagreeing, I’m glad :slight_smile:

I think my confusion came because of the whole B2B vs B2C difference.