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Baaadly written script - Buyer unresponsive. Suggestions?


Hey there,

Just a quick question. A buyer purchased a gig and sent a script. It appears that it was translated from another language because frankly much of it doesn’t make sense. I would feel uncomfortable just reading this garbled script on camera for them and passing it off as a legitimate English statement. I assume it’s for an English audience, and it will make no sense to them.

So, I sent a message to the buyer pointing this out very politely and asked him if he’d like me to revise/rewrite the script. I sent an offer with a small fee to rewrite it and make it sound more natural and better.

I haven’t heard back from the buyer and I need to get the gig delivered soon.
Should I just do it as the script reads? Should I go ahead and modify it to make sense even if the buyer didn’t get back to me? I just want to provide a quality product.

Any suggestions?


Perhaps try clicking on the resolution center from the order page and select that the reason that you can’t complete this order is because not enough information was provided. The buyer would then have to accept a mutual cancellation. However, I’m not sure if waiting for them to accept the mutual cancellation has any effect on the gig countdown…

Probably your best bet is to write to customer support asking them to cancel it because an unusable script was provided and the buyer is being unresponsive.


OR, you can also use the resolution centre and request to extend the delivery time and avoid mutually cancelling. Hopefully the buyer gets in touch with you! Nothing more stressful than an absent buyer when the clock is ticking :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’ll contact customer support!


Thanks again for your help. but customer support has been shit. They send me generic emails with generic links to “information pages” that will help me figure it out. I know I can cancel the damn order - but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt my business since the buyer has not been responsive at all. I’m not sure what to do. Based on the posts that I had read, the customer service was actually supposed to help you resolve issues.


Please watch your language. It sounds like they helped you by giving you instructions on how to use the resolution center.

You can either have your order cancelled through CS or you can cancel the order through the resolution center.

Since the client is unresponsive, is the order running late ? If the order is marked as late you def. need to go through CS and let them know the client never replied and you don’t have enough information to proceed with this order.


My apologies. I feel like an… a hole… now, because CS did eventually cancel the order for me for the buyer being unresponsive. I apologize, CS, but seriously, please don’t send out generic instruction pages when someone asks a specific question or has a very specific need. If you can answer or solve it… just please do that.


No worries, I am just a seller like you. Glad you were able to get this fixed. Thanks for the apology to CS.