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Back after a year or so and wow


Got a super random request from a buyer I designed a simple logo for about 2 years ago so I thought I’d have a look through the impending changes and gigs up on offer in the intro video category.

First 3 pages I count about 30 templates that are for sale on videohive and a couple are so blatantly ripped off, they didn’t even bother to change the branding or audio. Even see a few that are exact repeats of other gigs on the same page from different sellers within a few gigs of eachother.

How is it that it took me all of 2 minutes to take a look and identify 30+ infringing gigs but fiverr hasn’t done a single thing in the last 5 years to even reduce it?

I’ve written a few rants about this over the years and its sad to see the same thing continues to generate sales for dishonest people.

…and before you wish to argue with me that a videohive template is meant to be rebranded…the licensing agreements clearly state…one client…one project…one time use…unless you pay a hefty amount to use it for mass sales. Would be very easy to require any of these sellers to produce that license and confirm they are authorized to sell the templated material. My guess…99% don’t even have the one time use license and pirated the template in the first place.

Honestly, I considered caring about losing my level 2 status in January since I have no sales with at least a 4.8 rating over the last 60 days but really…I don’t think I want to be a part of a marketplace that allows and even rewards fraudulent sellers just because it is so difficult for the owners of the copyrighted work to have it taken down. fiverr is the roadblock on that and looking at the Alexa data over the last year…perhaps the come uppins is on its way for allowing it to go on so long. Or maybe not, who knows.



The reason is… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'s


VH sellers have been complaining about this for a while too which is why majority don’t focus on just one platform. There are changes taking place both here and throughout the ‘e’ marketplaces. Who knows, maybe the next round of changes will address the issues.


I hope so. I mean, most of the guys who create templates on videohive are extremely talented and being a semi novice video creator myself, I know it must take them weeks if not months of work to build out some of those kind of projects.

fiverr seems to have been especially lax in addressing the rampant infringements all over their property in my experience. The original content creator has a whole series of hoops they have to jump through just to get them to pay any attention to it. Even if they do and a user gets banned, they pop back up the next day with a new account and go right back to it.

Its kinda disgusting really. There seems to be very little integrity here but…I guess that is probably true for much of the online world these days. I should probably just go buy some cheese to go with my whine…:frowning:


There is the question of how much fiverr wants to involve itself in such matters since it is basically just a search engine and payment processor for service providers technically.

Once it claims responsibility for ALL of that, it is a bottomless pit it has fallen into.

Sellers are responsible for themselves.


Which is why I feel integrity is part of the overall issue. If I owned a platform that facilitated fraudulent activity, I would at the very least try to provide an avenue for people to protect their intellectual property.

Turning the other cheek when they know it saturates their pages because its more convenient than developing a way to clean it up? AM I the only one who thinks that sounds super sleazy? Add in the profits and I really get bothered by it.

We certainly don’t live in a perfect world. However, I will remain hopeful that maybe someday steps will be taken to bring some fairness back around these parts. There are a lot of talented people here lost in a sea of thieves and posers.


It’s easy to say that but hard to actually do it. It’s very easy to see something like this and make a statement about what is wrong with it but to implement it is another story. There are a lot of components involved in this subject.


Tell that to Youtube. They scan through and regulate 100s of thousands of terabytes of video regularly. The technology exists. However difficult it may be, surely, it is much easier to ignore the issue and continue to rake in profit.

At least that, as a user, is how it appears to be and I’ve seen nothing in the last 5 years since I joined here to suggest otherwise. If it quacks like a duck…


You are completely right. I alerted a design studio off Fiverr to the fact that their content was being sold by several sellers. They put in a complaint and Fiverr took all the content down. Less than a month later, though, and all the same sellers (and more) were back. Fiverr then started ignoring the original copyright holder - Or at least that’s what they told me.

Interestingly, though, apparently places like Envato now advise people like this to take copyright complaints direct to Google. This doesn’t force Fiverr to remove content but it stops pirated content from being indexed in Google searches. - Possibly why Fiverr keeps slipping in Alexia?

Anway, it’s not worth stressing over. My last attempt to clean house in one of my gig categories saw me flag several gigs and supply Fiverr with links to the original content etc. Nothing happened. Much more importantly, nothing can happen as these gigs are Fiverrs lifeblood. They like it when a seller can make 5 -10 $60 - $100 a day sales which is only possible in video work if you are a thief. This makes Fiverr money. Us lowly sellers who actually do work honestly are the ones who need to be whipped into shape.

Of course, it will all end badly for Fiverr. Fiverr got sued (kind of) by Amazon for selling fake reviews. Now there are stolen video hive templates branded with Amazons logo doing the rounds which have been sourced from Fiverr.

That’s the thing with ducks, they can see left and right but never what is right in front of them.


That’s akin to suggesting that torrent hosting sites are simply the platform and there is no requirement for responsibility on their part relative to those seeding copyright or unlawful material, suggest that to those authorities whose task it is to close places like that down.

If the Fiverr platform hosts and brings together third parties conducting dodgy business then the ARE most certainly in the loop and accountable.