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Back footed my gig! How to update my gig?

Recently last month i got so much work. Each and every gig was perfect. I delivered all the work on time, client gave me nice review.
Now this month suddenly i can not find my gig, its hard to find? I don’t know what happened with my gig. No cancellations and all. Can any one give me suggestion what should i do?

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Just be a great seller who delivers top-quality work on time, that earns positive reviews. In addition, if you need more people to see your gig, perhaps now is a good time to start marketing and promoting your services to the people who need them.


Adding to what @jonbaas stated, figure out where your customers are and market on that platform.

For me that’s Instagram. For you it may be something else or even more than one platform.

Think creatively, keep things simple (without sounding like you’re begging) and make your posts memorable. Never ever spam!


Mostly i deliver my work within time, by maintaining my quality, but now i am confuse what to do or not! There are so many positive reviews but now what should i do more than that? Any suggestions?

Socially i promoted in this month so much, views increases but till now no more work. I am not begging to work, i want to do work, just like that i promoted that but no such progress!