Back from Hiatus! Needs your advice



I have been on fiverr for over a year, but I have not been active, earlier this year, I sold a gig, delivered as requested but the buyer gave me a negative feedback! I don’t know why he did this since I followed his instruction and delivered his work. He instructed me to write a review for him on a website where it takes weeks before approval, I wrote the review and told him after submission, he insisted that I failed to submit as stipulated on my gig hence the bad review. My question now is this:

  1. I just created two new fiverr gigs, what are my chances of making sales?

  2. Can you please help me review my gigs and let me know if am going about it the right way?

  3. Can I promote my gig using facebook ads? how effective is it?

    Thanks in anticipation.