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Back from Out-of-Office mode dropped ranking significantly

I never went on Out-of-Office or vacation mode before but since I was getting no new orders by the end of july I did such thing for the first time and after getting back here 5 days ago I notice my gig ranking was really REALLY low and ended up almost invisible in tag search, like from my early days in Fiverr more than a year ago.
Obviously I’m getting no new orders, therefore I lowered my prices but still nothing.
What’s happening? Any ideas? What is your experience and how long this low ranking status can last and when/how can I get my previous ranking back?


The first time I went OOO my gig ranking was low :arrow_down_small: for almost two weeks. However, I just got back from OOO this week, and my ranking bounced back within 48 hours :mantelpiece_clock: . You were OOO for quite some time so that may be the reason you are having issues. :thinking: I have never taken more than a week for OOO :beach_umbrella: .


gigs ranking are not just about the performance they do, but also this crazy gigs rotation. Like my gig was always on top of the first page for almost 4 years, then suddenly passed to the last page of best selling gigs, while some of my competitors are just stuck on top.

I wished these rotation was for every gig, but it looks like it’s not.

I don’t see any reason why you should use vacation mode or Out of office… if you’re getting lot of orders or really need to travel without affecting your ranking and taking so much order… just increase your pricing very high


That’s actually not a bad idea. Worst case scenario, you get an order and get paid big bucks to work while you travel.

The best solution of this topic :grinning:

I’m sure it will bounce back quickly since you have all the reviews

Not sure if it’s that simple. The algorithms might work in such a way that it partially determines the ranking of a gig based on sales velocity. The days you’re out of office - your gig isn’t active - so these days might not count for determining your average daily sales velocity.

When you’re pricing extremely high, and only getting the odd order in, you’re lowering your average sales velocity dramatically. And with that, maybe also negatively affecting your ranking.

That’s probably true, but I’ve taken several week long vacations without lasting damage to my order frequency, so vacation mode works for me.