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Back from vacation, back to work!

So I was attending San Diego Comic Con ( yes, I am a nerd!!) last week, and
I went to panels, I met Adam Savage, I saw Tom Hiddelston and Elijah Wood, Gal Gadot was
absolutely gorgeous, I also took goofy photos with zombies at the Walking Dead booth,
I took photos of many interesting/amazing/strange cosplays, etc etc, I had a great nerdy time.

While I was at SDCC, of course I was on vacation mode.
I came back 2 days ago, and last night I reactivated my gigs.
Right away I got a $120 order which was great, BUT.

I’m suffering from “convention loss.” Major con-withdrawal.
Has anybody had that experience, coming back to work to Fiverr after a great vacation,
and even though you are very grateful for orders, your mind is still…well, on vacation??? :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, back to work!!!

The problem with taking vacations is that they eventually end, and no matter how you try, you have to return to work. Work, work, work… a dirty four-letter word if ever there was one.

Yup, we all need to get back to work at one point.
Not fun. I must say though, if it was vacation everyday that would be kinda boring.
At least as long as I’m working, I can look forward to a vacation.
Plus work pays for my vacation so I can’t complain! :stuck_out_tongue:
…and work also pays for the coffee and cookies I munch on while working,
hahaha. :smiley: