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Back from vacation mode....and leg cramp


So before I went into vacation mode I was a bit worried about where my gigs would
appear in search, but I guess was worrying too much.
I got 2 orders pretty much right after I reopened my gigs. :slight_smile:

After finishing my orders I went to see a movie with my friend today and saw Wonder Woman, and daaang Gal Gadot is beautiful. I saw her in person at Comic Con last year and she was drop-dead freaking gorgeous but she is amazing on the big screen too!

Anyway, as I was getting into my friend’s car, I had a major leg cramp and I was screaming in pain in 2 languages. It happens I guess.

I’ve read somewhere that you get a leg cramp from lack of exercising…is that true??
After all, while I am Fiverring, I don’t move away from the PC for hours…


You said it…:innocent:


This was me BTW.

It says AUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH just in case you are wondering.


kinda true… not only legs but back cramp as well. exercising is the best solution for it.


Try eating a banana - works for me! :slight_smile:


Potassium or Magnesium deficiency, or both.
But only if you get it in the long run and repeatedly often could that really be the case.

PS. I am not a doctor, this is not professional medical advice.


That’s the one, but I don’t get it often, so a banana helps for the odd occasion I do! :slight_smile:


I get leg cramps from sitting in one place too long like driving for hours and hours without moving. I typically stop and walk around for a bit. I’ve never tried the banana thing - I do love :banana: so I’ll have to carry it around with me.

P.S., I saw WW yesterday. :heart: It!

Never been to comic con. I will go this year.


How ironic…I just had bananas that morning!!!

I had only one and it’s been a while I last had one, I’ll make sure to eat more!!!


Hi zeus, Welcome Back… Your presence was missed. :sunflower:


aweee, thank you!
And yup, I’m back, and back to gigging :slight_smile:


I used to get leg cramps and neck pain when drawing, my solution was to setup a small high table and ditch the chair. Ever since iv been drawing standing up and moving around. A bit tricky with a drawing tablet but works perfectly with a cintiq or old school pen and paper. Haven’t had any cramps ever since, well not from drawing anyway, theese days i get foot cramps when working 16 hour days working on ladders.


So did i
People get leg cramp while exercising. :runner:


Speaking of bananas, if you eat bananas, you must drink enough water otherwise you will find it hard to do your morning business in the lavatory. :joy:


It seems that Fiverring is harmful for health



Not Fiverr per say but how one “gets” to Fiverr :wink:
Lets see:

  1. Monitor uses up ones eyes :wink:
  2. Sitting without movement causes cramps
  3. Waiting for Buyer Requests causes stress :wink:
  4. Banana causes constipation
  5. Reading about templates causes headache

Did I miss anything? :joy:


That´s what I was talking about :joy:


I see discrimination against Banana.