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Back on Fiverr after 1 year

Hello again Fiverr community,

I’m back of Fiverr after being inactive for a year. Fiver has always been very helpful and I’m so excited to be back. Although I still need to re-learn Fiver as I see that there are new things on here.

Last year I moved to Bali, and I experienced a really big change in my life. It was really hectic and overwhelming that I wasn’t able to keep track on my orders, also at the first few months forgot to set my vacation mode on and it caused my ratings to drop as I failed to deliver a few orders (regret it so much).

After one year of being away, I have gained new experience and skills that I’m sure I can use to offer new services here, on Fiverr. I’m so excited.

To other sellers, please kindly share with me any tips that you think can help my comeback. Seems like a lot has happened since i was away! Thanks in advance!


@Tylady welcome back
wish you goodluck all the best

Welcome again to fiverr forum :slight_smile: best of luck

Thank you so much… :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much…! :slight_smile:

Welcome back, I hope you enjoy!

Welcome back! :money_mouth: