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Back on Fiverr After 4 years Your Suggestion Please

I was not using Fiverr From 2014 and Once again i am trying to use can you guys help do i need create new account or i can use this one?


use your older account with new gigs creation.

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I suggest you use your old account. I was creating my account in 2016 and somehow I’m not regular on this platform. now finally I am starting on my old account in 2020 and getting orders regularly.

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really, Old is Gold.

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As @azumishahzadi22 said, you can use your current account. However, be aware that there are 2 to 3 times as many gigs on Fiverr as before the pandemic started. My friend @blavaro has created this handy dandy document to check out where you can create gigs and have less competition. But be sure you are competent to provide the selected service.


You could mention in your profile description that you have been away and are now back.

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Thank you i will try it