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Back on fiverr after a long break

I took a break of close to two months. Just came back yesterday. Looks like a lot happened while I was away. For instance, the buyer request page is blank. Who knows what happened?

Something else that happened - I was demoted. Time to work my way up again :frowning:


Time to improve your impressions and clicks

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I’ve heard that some (or all?) sellers without a level don’t see buyer requests, and that you’ll have to go up one level. So what happened might be this :arrow_down:

Interesting development. I’ve never got an order from there anyways so no worries.

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I think that is correct. For instance, I’ve only ever seen 2 buyers requests in the short period I’ve been on Fiverr. As I am a new seller, I think from Level 1 onward you begin seeing requests.

is there any way to boosting your clicks&views without using social media site…i also face this type of problems… when i’m come back to my fiverr account after long break then i didn’t see any buyer reuest the buyer request section is blank…did you have any idea about it??? actually what is ths and how to fix it.??