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Back to Fiverr after several years, should I recreate an account?


I was a very active seller (and buyer) on Fiverr back in 2013 (wow, time flies!) and it was almost my main source of income. My best gig was featured and I got many, many orders every day. For some reasons, during 2014, I had to take a big pause, to focus on another project which worked well too. Now, I want to come back to Fiverr and give it another try… But in 2-3 years, the platform has changed a lot (and I’m sure it’s a good thing). However, after one day, my best-seller gig which had been switched off for 2 years, still receives absolutely no impression. I know that one day is not enough to get some impressions, but I wanted to ask if there are some sellers here, like me, who came back to Fiverr and re-opened some past gigs after being inactive. Does it still work well? Or should I create a brand new account with new gigs and try to start all over again from 0?

Thank you very much!


I don’t know the answer to your question, but looking at your Gigs, you have a great record and did good work. Hope you find success on Fiverr again.

What you are doing wrong in the first place is posting in the wrong place. You should start your own thread and not post on someone else´s (that is if you can understand that).

Bonjour Axel and welcome back. View your excellent track record, I wouldn’t waste that. I would use the same account and adjust your Gigs to the present requirements, and good luck!

In looking at your profile it looks as if you already made a sale! Congrats!

To quote an old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

My suggestion would be to leave your account as is for at least a month and see how it performs.

Same problem, im become inactive within 3yrs and now i saw that fiverr is for topsellers only. If u are a newbie client will never order u a gig even you have atleast 1-2 ratings

You do realize that Top Sellers started out as newbies at one point, right? Anyone can thrive here as long as they put in the work. We all didn’t just create an account and then ask Fiverr for a gold star after doing nothing.You claim to have been inactive for 3 years, but there’s only 1 review on your account and you’re not even on Level 1 yet. Did you start over? Were you just a buyer before? The difference between you and fraxool is that he came back with a level 2 status and over 400 5-star reviews. He’ll bounce back with a little effort put in. He doesn’t need to create a new account. That would be pointless. You could get sales as well if you didn’t think things worked a certain way and actually put some effort in to getting off the ground.

Thank you very much for your answers, that’s also a point that makes me really happy to be back on Fiverr. I missed this community a lot.

That’s true : I already made a new sale, and I even delivered it and got an awesome review from my buyer. It motivates me a lot to work hard and to promote my gigs again! This sale came from a user who read my topic here… He needed exactly someone like me, to fix one of his issues in some codes.

And you are right, I think that I should be more patient and keep my good reputation here and see if I finally get more exposure (but I’m aware that it’s what everyone wants!). Let’s wait and see then :wink: !

Welcome back mate! I would say that don’t waste your account just refurbished this and go to the battle , good luck to you :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but every modern browser has spell check these days. You know this is an English forum and if you can’t be bothered to simply right click the underlined words, I don’t see why someone should take the time out of their busy day to help you out.

Hey there, you seem like you Know a lot about this platform! Thanks in advance for your advice!

Can you give me your opinions on this

So I created my account in 2019 .
But back then I wasn’t this serious with my life. Everything was hit or miss ,And I was in the final years of my collage so had study pressures too!

So You can say I left my account for dead!
Never completed any tests or any gigs or anything had no review. It’s just another newbie blank account!

(Present)* Now I’ve completed 2 graphic design courses and did some works of my mentors clients!

Now I’m a digital artist and graphic designer!(newbie)*
And I want to launch myself in the market.

  • Sould I create a new account?
  • Organize my old one and start with that?

Because someone mentioned that new accounts gets exposures.

Thanks in advance again!
It’ll be a great help If any of you decide to share your opinion! Peace🥰

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Bruh, I’m facing the same problem as you’re facing rn. I’m trying to find out the solution of this problem.
Can you provide your fb link / ig link here, so that I can contact with you later.
Btw are you an indian ?