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Back to Fiverr and Excited

Hey everyone,

I was on Fiverr a while back, and slowly earned Level 1 and then Level 2. It was pretty nice to get regular gig orders. But then life took over and I took a break for a while. Up until that point I had worked literally 5$ gigs that would take me 3 hours to complete…that is less that 2$/h profit and absolutely impossible to live on here. It was fine at the time, because I was a student, and I was going with “any money is better than none”, but there had to be an end to that. At the time, for some reason, I never thought to drastically modify my gig in a way that would allow me to stay…so I took a break. Deleted my gig, left, and almost on my way to delete my account.

But as I returned I realized the site (while with more competition) actually seems improved, too. And I am trying to start again. That means I’m also in a unique situation: I have high seller level with reviews and rating that reflects the work I did at the end(when I got overwhelmed) and the way I responded to messages etc. after I had taken a break(but left my account).

I am happy to start over. I can’t wait to get the gig orders, new reviews, and see how what I learned professionally in the last years will reflect in the quality of work I do. I hope I get orders soon. How about you guys, is it a good month for you?

Not too bad of a month for me, not too great, but I have the opportunity to expand my portfolio with Fiverr and meet amazing entrepreneurial people, so it’s all good. Good luck, welcome back!

Welcome back old friend PGS,

You were missed and your story seems familiar for most returning sellers!

Great luck!


Best wishes, read the forum for tips.

welcome back again !!