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Back to Level after 2 months


Hello everyone,
After 2 months, am back to level 1 again.
Hope to get some orders this time. WISH ME LUCK :sunny:


I have been nominated 3 times for TRS LEVEL But unfortunately i was not selected for that , i also don’t know what is the reason for that although i updated my all gigs with more proper clarifications. Well lets hope for this time :slight_smile:


Congrats … Keep Moving :v::v::v::v:


Best of Luck man, I lost two levels because I had to pause for a family emergency and had to cancel a few orders, So I kinda understand how exciting it gets when you get back to the first level. Just did myself. Getting back in the game :smiley:


By TRS do you mean Level three seller? If so, do let us know what you think might have caused you not to get the top seller position.


Best of Luck… :+1:


There’s no such thing as a “Level three seller.” The next level after level 2 is TRS.


Well that’s not the limit :wink:

I’ve been nominated for TRS since they announced new system (if I’m correct it’s already more than 14 times)

Not everyone who’s nominated are really getting a TRS badge, they got really strict and limiting amount of trs badges.


LOL Top Rated sellers used to be refereed to as Level three in the forums when the forum started a few years ago, so I guess yes I should update the lingo.