Back to my favorite activity of the week


Watching Crystal Palace :joy::rofl::hugs:


LOL…2.5 minutes :rofl::popcorn:


It takes real genius to be so bad at something :joy:


I’m confused :slight_smile: :wink:



Love the close-up of Roy Hodgson after every goal :joy: 2-0. [Big match coming up Eoin]


That’s going to be interesting for sure!


But Manchester United have become so good this year. This is unbelievable - Lukaku in, Rooney out, that’s the only change, but made all the difference.


I think the difference is more about Zlatan being gone. He held up the play and demanded the ball to feet whereas now, the younger and faster attackers, Rashford, Lukaku and Martial, can counter attack and break quickly. They did not have that last season with Zlatan who is a fantastic player but has no pace or willingness to run.


True, I wanted to add that, but Zlatan is injured, he is not out. He is still an automatic selection. Would be a backward step when he comes back.


Yeah, got to see what Mou does with Zlatan.


BIG MATCH begins. Prediction: Chelsea 2 Man City 2


I don’t want to predict. Just want to enjoy the match. Hoping for a draw though :wink:


I am praying on bed to get my feet settled :slight_smile: it is 7th day I am still counting my bed rest…


Relax, but change your diet to vegetarian…it’s safer…


0-0 that’s my prediction

Edit: I was half right.