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Back to work On Fiverr after some health problems!



I am back to work on the interesting platform Fiverr after some health problems. I got some backache due to long hours work sitting on my chair and doing writing. I went to two doctors and all said I had to be away for at least a month. Now. I welcome your orders and please check my gigs for more details. I provide top quality SEO based articles from 1000 words up and I hope I can be up to your expectations.




When I read the title, I thought, “Oh, this guy must have had a tough time. Let’s read his story and show some love.”

But, nope, it’s just a shameless self-promotion post. :unamused:


I’ve moved your post to ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ - promote away! :slight_smile:


Welcome back and good luck!


@offlinehelpers Did not know you can move people forums. Are you a mod or have a certain badge to do so?


Offlinehelpers isn’t a Mod, but she earned her Regular badge for being awesome. :smile:

Regular :name_badge: perks. :arrow_double_down:

Check out other badges However, a few users spend all day trying to earn as many badges as possible, the best way to do this is by earning them organically.


Thank you for your answer! Oh ok did not know that until now!