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Back With Nagging Questions Part II

As a basic seller, I was doing pretty well from the Buyer Requests section. I made around $100 from the orders on the first month. I was entitled to choose any ten from around 30-100 requests a daily.

Then, Level 1 happened. Those 30-100 requests got notched up by a lot, and around 3000-4000 requests appear in my Send Quote section everyday now. I guess that has made it a lot tougher, however tempting it may seem. I haven’t made a single sale since I went Level 1.
What I wanted to know is, is this normal, and has this happened with anyone else?

The Velocigraphtor

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Keep using Buyer Requests, get more reviews, make money, will get better.


Okay, was just making sure if I was doing something wrong. Thank you so much @writer99025 :slight_smile:

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