Back with Nagging Questions!


So contradictory to what I was talking about last week, I’m already on my third order this week, all thanks to a certain someone whom we all love dearly in this forum.
My question is how will increasing the delivery time interval affect my gig reception. I’m generally very fast, but I think increasing the delivery time by atleast a day will increase my order quality as well as productivity. Is this advisable, or will this be bad for getting orders?


I don’t know at first my gig had 24 hours delivery and then I made it 48 hours, then 3 days and now it’s 6 days, delivery time. From my experience, it won’t affect you at all.


That’s a relief I guess! :smiley: Thanks, this was insightful! I’ll increase my delivery interval as soon as my order quanitities start going up!


I don’t think it matters because some services you can’t deliver in 24hrs. However, quality does matter because it will be shown in the reviews and customers will provide private feedback to Fiverr :wink:

Besides, better quality usually means higher price range. So once you get enough reviews you’ll probably start raising prices and I think that matter as well.
More time -> better quality -> higher prices -> happy fiverr

IMHO (regards to Yury)


Okay so that’s some good news! :smiley:
I’ll wait a few days and as soon as I start having pending orders, that’s when I’ll increase the interval. Thanks a lot for answering my question :slight_smile:


Agree with uxreview.

Quality trumps delivery time. I’ve noticed, by reading forum, most buyers - including me, look for 3 days or less. :slight_smile:


Yes I’m learning a lot from all of you, and I keep working on improving myself each day, and I’ve already begun to see the results! It wouldn’t have been possible without any of you. And this very thing goes into my To-do list as well. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Not as long as you are reasonable. In fact as you mature your gigs, you will want to have, say, a 3 day standard delivery (if that works for your gig) and if possible offer express delivery of either 2 days or 24 hours (if you can comfortably do it) as a gig extra at extra expense.


Yes that’d be the ideal thing to do. I think it’s a little early for me to be asking this question, since I haven’t started getting that order rush yet, but when I do, I guess I’ll be prepared for that! :slight_smile:


Agree. Unfortunately, right now you should do extra work and cut deals that may not be the greatest just till you get level 1. Then you slowly start narrowing what you will do for the basic fee. When you get to level 2, and are getting orders regularly, raise your prices.


Wow! That’s some clever tricks right there! I’m sure these priceless ideas will get me somewhere! Thanks a ton! This means a lot to me :slight_smile: