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Backdrops Customization


I recently joined Fiverr and while setting up my account and I noticed after creating my profile picture that there was no way that I could customize my backdrop (the blue preset image) and I was suggesting or wondering if this could be changed in the near future.

At first I thought there was a more “advanced” way to change it so I searched the internet, forums, etc for the answer only to find out that we can’t change it. This was a bit confusing as to how this wasn’t put in place when profile pictures were able to be changed, and I feel as if it gives a better creative and professional look on any users profile. When we invite someone to our profile we want them to feel welcomed and having a backdrop that doesn’t match our brand, or known badge isn’t preferred.

I stumbled upon a 2015 topic about the same situation and I wondered how there weren’t any custom backdrops in two years.

Changing this feature would allow users to express their creativity, brand and professionalism on there profiles.

I came to the conclusion that if I possibly made a poll to show how heavily this feature may or may not be requested it may help the staff members decide of using this.

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Thank You! :wink:


I love the topic, great review. I think this should be taken into consideration asap. :heart:


Thanks for your feedback, don’t forget to vote! :+1:


If you decide to start selling, the Fiverr system will choose a backdrop image for you, depending on the category of your gigs.

If you’re buying and not selling, I can’t see any benefit to having a custom backdrop apart from fun really.


I’d love to see this implemented. This:

… has no connection to what I am actually doing.

But I don’t see it happening. Fiverr would have to approve all of these images all the time.


My thoughts exactly :smile: Maybe they could substitute custom images for a preset list of solid colors, if too graphic or inappropriate images are used. Never thought of that concept though, thanks for your feedback!