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Background music and videos


Can I use the background music of NCS YT for my GIGS? And can I use the video of pixabay?


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If this is copyright music you can’t use it

HI, Thanks for reply.
Here is YT link
Can check the link? and tell me. Please
if not, So please tell any website, Where I can get copyright free music for my gigs

As a Composer myself, I will say, don’t ask us. Read the rules as set out by those people. It is up to them to define their usage terms. Follow their rules to the letter.

Also as a Composer, I will encourage a certain amount of care in using Stock or Library music as while it may be free/cheap it is not built for your specific situation. Not only can your customers be hearing the exact same piece on many adverts (think of how many times you see the same stock photos of falsely smiling people) but library music is like telling your wife you love her with only a Hallmark card. I know they would like you to think that is enough, but ask any woman how she feels that her lover never says anything personal and intimate to her, only shows up with the same formula flowers & card.

On the matter of copyright, or more to the point Royalties, that is part of any license agreement you form with whoever/wherever you get the music. Creative industries survive on Credit which means not only having your name on your work but being paid for its use. If you don’t want to pay now, you pay, later. If you don’t want to pay later, pay now. Paying later is generally less risk and always relative to the success of the project. This is why it is the model used by business 99% of the time. e.g. Tom Hanks got paid little up-front for “Forest Gump” but got a lot of “points” seeing they were unsure how well it would do. The success of the film made everyone rich.

Never paying is how you would feel if your customers didn’t pay you after you put ~10 hours into their lives.


Thanks for reply.

I sent the message NCS team for buy music license.