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Background Music Usage


Hi all,

anyone know any good websites etc for getting background music (preferably free but if not no worries) for commercial use to put in my gig? I’m going to be doing some intros similar to these:




Try YouTube’s creators studio for free music and sound effects. Audiojungle for paid music and audio tracks.


I use Audioblocks for adding background music to Voice Over orders…they’re $99 per year for a subscription, but that gives me unlimited downloads from a very deep library of royalty-free music beds. A very good bargain.


Nice info my friend.
I am looking too for my intro logo gig.

Thanks for sharing


Simply use NCS’s Music (YT Channel). They offer all music under CC0.


Hi Arran

I use the youtube audio library, it has plenty free royalty music for any use (read the different music licenses)


Thanks guys, @donnyvoice @rahulkajla1 @mcheary .

Also quick question, if a customer wanted their own music on one of my intro videos, would it be their responsibility if it is/not allowed for commercial usage etc?

Hope that makes sense



IF your are the video editor it is your responsibility to check if the music has license for commercial use. You can do a search for author, name also you can use shazzam app to identify it


That’s incorrect, only the producer/copyright owner of the project is responsible. You have to have a financial stake in order to be responsible. If you are merely hired to assemble or edit, then you are not liable. To suggest otherwise is like saying that the line cooks are responsible if the restaurant owner doesn’t pay the vendors for the food.

Also, Shazzam is a toy for finding the name of a song on the radio, it will not have professional broadcast production libraries in it.


I see music offered on sites such as youtube where they say it is free to use anywhere. How do we know that is actually true and it’s not copyrighted by someone?


Yes, and they all have differing terms of usage. Some even require credits in the piece. Like everything else in life, much better if you pay for a quality resource is so much better than trying to find a free alternative.


Even if you don’t have access to the music, you can contact someone like myself who can license it for you.


Sweet! :+1::notes::notes:



so just to clarify if the customer provides me with their own music and its not licensed etc i’m not in trouble? It’s their responsibility?



Exactly, you are the carpenter installing new cabinets. It is not your job to check if the homeowner got a building permit. The best example of this is think of a movie set, imagine if each cameraman, electrician, gaffer, caterer, nurse, etc, had to check the paperwork of all the actors, music clearances, etc.


Where I live, the workmen need to check on this or they could lose their license.


So every member of the crew inspects the permits?


Whoever has the license to do that kind of work usually. If they don’t have a license they don’t care, although they can get a hefty fine. I live in a place that makes lots of $ this way.


Wouldn’t that be the subcontractor who hires the 20 guys to work on the job? Perhaps he needs to check, but I can’t see all the carpenters and framers in a line waiting to inspect contracts and permits.


If they want to keep their license they do it but like I said if they have no license they don’t. I don’t know if each worker checks, I doubt it, but they are very strict here about that due to all the $ it brings in.

Homeowners also need to make sure they get a permit or can’t sell a home sometimes. Inspectors make surprise visits during work sometimes.