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Background Music Usage

Maybe its different here. Every morning at the Home Depot, the pick up trucks pull up and the driver holds up as many fingers as he wants day laborers to pile in. Don’t think they have licenses.

You must live in California

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This is a big business. Free money for them. I’ve done remodeling jobs.

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Hi rahulkajla1, what you are talking about “Simply use NCS music (YT Channel). as they ae under CC0”

I was reading about this thing only and got this please read highlighted part…

So, it is written that if u are using NCS music for promotional video, then it requires commercial license and it may happen that client uses our video as their promotional brand. SO i don’t think it can be used under CC0.
What do you think regarding this…

You are confusing workers with the people in charge. The contractor in charge of the team is responsible to make sure that the permits are in place not the employees. As Voice Over / Audio contractors (us) WE are the ones in charge and thus WE are held responsible for what OUR business does. So yes, if you use music that is not licensed even if the client gives it to you YOU can be held responsible. I have turned away a number of clients requests (not the clients themselves) related to this issue.