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Hello Fiverr community, I hope you are doing good. I am a new guy here on Fiverr (since two days) and I want to begin working with people in order to begin my career here on Fiverr and I promise you although I am new to Fiverr, I am not new to the design world. Why working with me? #1 The quality of the work I am providing. #2 The experience of the work that I have in the design ( I have a continuous 3 years of experience in design). #3 I have Bangladesh with so many enterprises here in Morocco and outside Morocco. #4 Since I am new here my prices won’t be high because all that matters for me now is to Bangladesh with you guys in order to be reviewed by you and gain your satisfaction and five stars ( I do start from 10$ but if you can’t afford that, you can only pay me 5$ because as I said price isn’t important for me now, your review and working with you are the important things ) . I hope I was clear about myself and my objectives. I am looking forward to working with you guys. Cheers. Razib