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Background removal questions

I am trying to do background removal as a gig and I noticed people with 100 image background removal, but I can only do up to 10. So how do they do 100 images? I would like to do 100 images as well.

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They lie about it? The quality is horrendous? Take your pick.

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What are the chances for them to actually receive an order of 100 background removal pictures to be faced with the perspective of honoring their claim ?

Till that improbable order they will use it as a markenting trick to lure potential buyers in.


Oh thanks for letting me know that. I very much appreciate it! :smiley:

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I am professional Graphics Designer, and my site when i get to remove the background of an image it take upto 10 or one hour to remove background,
and if someone use any third party software then Adobe, and remove the background then it will be not perfect background the edges will blurry or pixeleted…
I do not know how they handle to many images for such a low cost…
i normally charge $5 to $20 for image to remove the background…