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Background Removals & Transparent Backgrounds

How hard is background removal?

Some offer like 5 to 10 photos for $5
Others offer like 1 or 2 photos for $25

Should I just go with the cheaper one? I have over 200 photos that need background removed or objects removed.


It is not difficult at all in most cases. If you need to buy background removal, I would go with the cheaper option.

Most of the sellers use this website as it is recommended by a famous “YouTube Fiverr guru”:


Cool.Thank you!!!

I can save some dough. Holidays are coming, ya know! :grin:


You won’t. Now we know you’ve got more money in your pocket, we’ll double any quotes we give you. :grin:

The site Vibronx shared is cool. I’ve used it quite a few times. I’ve found it produces work that’s of the standard of a reasonably competent graphic designer.

For those really challenging photos, though, like those featuring women with long flailing hair, it’s usually worth it to hire a professional if you want the result to look really crisp.


I honestly do not know how some people can offer 30+ images for $5. Even using the site mentioned above is more expensive. I’ve seen people offering 100+.
But you truly are better off using this one or similar sites for photos of simple objects with enough contrast to their background.
If there’s hair, fur, lace, transparent objects, unclear edges or matching colors on the object and background, you might need help of a human being and I would look for the ones with higher prices, the ones who do it manually.


:crystal_ball: and soon you might get other sellers coming here telling you “how could you do that, don’t ruin our business, I need an order, I could do it perfectly, contact me mam, don’t use the website”


Removing background is not that hard if we’re talking about high quality photos with high contrast. For low quality and dark photos with little contrast is a quite hard and you should use softwares like Photoshop. I actually did not know about the existence of that website for background removal. But, I was very surprised to see that there are many gigs that offer background removal, I thought it was something could do on his own!


That’s why a lot of people with no skills trying to make money with that :wink:


It’s really amazing !!!


but professional Designer (Photoshop Expert) not use in this website…

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By using photoshop pen tool background remove is not too easy. Because as a photo editor you need to provide your best. You need to select every single point. And its take so much time.

In my opinion if you want to do it in cheapest price than you need to give change a new seller.

That depends on how difficult the image is … there are some cheap sellers that do the automated work in photoshop , a web page , or whatever… while in the other hand , are other sellers specialized in this work and know how to remove the background from complicated images manually…

cons: possibly bad quality and Sawtooth in the edges of the image, bad cutting
pros: lot of images

cons: lot of images but expensive
pros: quality