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Backlink and Social Media Traffic

Can anyone tell of a good experience from social and website traffic such as: backlinks, the best social media followers add on that looked very real or were real.

Thanks a lot!

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Please note: The exchanging of ANY monies for the purchase or selling of backlinks, or followers is a violation of many sites Terms Of Service. This also hold’s true for Fiverr’s own third-parties if you’re violating the terms of another company they can and will remove your gig without notice - as this is clearly agreed to when you check marked the box for Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

If Google detects backlinks or unnatural links occur they will blacklist, and your site(s) will get indexed - which means you’ve basically ruined your search and credibility with search engines (if you’re not searchable - that means no business and no sales).

Spend Matters recent article “The Google Site Blacklist: When Your Website Disappears” got a real note worthy comment by a reader, Market Doj, in which he stated:

"Ultimately if you engage in blackhat SEO activity, Google will penalise you. It is written very clearly in their terms. BMW is one of the more famous websites to have been blacklisted by Google, back in 2006 for breaching guidelines, so it’s not just insignificant, low-value websites that are penalised.

If you want to climb the Google ratings, play it safe, play it clean and be patient. Don’t go to and buy 5000 back-links or create fake, keyword heavy landing pages. Don’t mask test in white font on a white background or any of the other dodgy techniques. Google wants their users to find what they are looking for when they search and to cut out the useless sites that get in the way of that."

Hope that helps!

Reply to @thepromogirl: Well said!

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-Eric B

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Reply to @thepromogirl: if i may say, totally agree with you here and bying fake social leads should be totally avoided. In regards to the thousands links stuff if you may allow me promogirl to say that these can be successfully used for tiered 2 linking and indexing purposes.

You create your nice drupal autoritative profile pointing to your money site , then you could create a number of decent social bookmarks pointing to this drupal profile and then blast thousands of tier 3 backlinks to these tier 2 social bookmarks :smiley:

Trust me , your drupal profile will stay indexed in google for long time. Why this process should be considered black hat method ?

No hard feelings here just trying to bring some light to this ‘dark’ matter…

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Reply to @sshelpforu: … Ummm… I provide real likes. lol. Completely real.

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